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Our cycling vests are extremely light, small in pack size and can be combined perfectly with long or short-sleeved cycling jerseys. Our warming versions with functional padding (rather than down) cycling vests can be conveniently and easily rolled up in the back pocket or transported in a backpack thanks to their small pack size. Our cycling vests are completely different at the front and back of the function and the material:: At the front of our wind vests RRT101M wind and waterproof and the back is with a net back insert and thus particularly breathable. Stretchy is both the mesh back, as well as the front. In the quilted windwester versions, only the side and the back are stretchable. Our wind vests nestle perfectly on the body during the ride, so that no noisy fluttering occurs. Our quilted wind vest RRT1101M is particularly light and yet extremely warm, so if you are looking for a high-quality wheeled vest, then you are right with us.Cycling vests

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Our. cycling jackets are the most important piece of clothing to be able to cycle outside in the winter without freezing. Made of softshell material, our thermo jackets are not only windproof and warm, they also protect you from the rain thanks to the rain membrane. Usually the thermal jacket is combined with the long sleeve jersey. The long-sleeved jersey warms additionally, this is especially recommended on days under 5 degrees or at minus degrees.