About RenéRosa

RenéRosa offers beautiful, funktional and extraordinary sportswear outfits and accessories, to bring fashion and design on the road.

The Brand "RenéRosa" was founded 2009 by René Weissinger and Tina Rosa Buchholz-Weissinger. The brandname arises through the both names of René and Tina-Rosa. 

René Weissinger (Founder of RenéRosa Trikotmanufaktur)

Passionate cyclist, ex-cycling professional, german champion hillclimb of pro cyclists 2001, winner of sprinters jersey at Tour de Suisse 2008, mechanical engineer, open-minded thinker, inventor and traditionalist. René works with 30 years experience in roadbike cycling with swabian inventive mind in new ideas and products for RenéRosa. For René there have to be the best fabrics, best cuts and technologies in the products of RenéRosa. 

Tina Rosa Buchholz-Weissinger (Founder of RenéRosa Trikotmanufaktur)

Tina Rosa Buchholz-Weissinger, the wife of René, also from begin very close with cycling connected,  she loves as creative head creating extraordinary cuts and products. As passionate artist is Tina responsible for the beautiful look of the RenéRosa products.

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