Sportswear clothing

for every kind of sports activity

for example for hiking, climbing, darts, shootings sports, rowing, waterspouts, wintersports, cross-country skiing, golf, tennis, soccer and many other sports

Lisk Custom Jersey Running Forrest high res mirroe

100% Custom Runningshirts in own deisgn

Are you looking for a manufacturer for your running clothes? Then you are right with us, we produce your individual running shirts, even in small quantities. Whether your running shirts are needed for your next company run or club, we make running shirts, running singles, and various types of running pants for men, women, and kids.

100% Custom RunningShirts

100% Custom RunningShirts

We have a large number of running apparel that you can have in your own design.

  • Running singlets for the hot days (RRT810M)
  • classic round-necked running shirts (RRT800M)
  • Highly functional running shirts with the finest functional materials (RRT801M)
  • long-sleeved running shirts
  • running shorts (RRT630M)
  • long running tights and also 3/4 running tights
  • running Jackets
  • Running socks in own design.

Offer Request for Runningshirts

Order process for Runningshirts

Order process for Runningshirts

Order process for your own running clothes

  1. Request with sample request and price inquiry for the respective desired article
  2. Submit logos, ideas, ideas and wishes
  3. Notification of quantities and quantities for your running clothes
  4. Design proposal for your individual running clothes by us
  5. Start of production
  6. Production time of running clothes about 6 weeks 
  7. Delivery of your individual running clothes

More details about the order process  

Our Products of Custom Design Runningwear

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